Sunday, December 16, 2012

Introducing... Freeney & Bizzie

I've talked about them and the important basics of things about chinchillas, but finally here are our pets:

 Freeney is a Hetero Beige chin.  He was born on July 4th 2012.  We were throwing names around like freedom, independence, and other holiday type things.  We decided on freedom, but it just wasn't sticking or felt quite right.  So we were just randomly saying, free, freedom, and then my boyfriend said, "Freeney".  I said, I love it.  And it works out cos we are Colts fans (Linebacker #93).  So a holiday name idea turned into a sports fan idea, this is how Freeney got his name.  Which suits him, cos he loves to sit on top his green igloo (see him trying to nap in the igloo in the pic) and watch football with daddy (aka my boyfriend).

Bizzie, is a Mosaic chin.  He was born in April of 2012.  We rescued him from a couple on the South-side of Indianapolis after we went to a Colts game.  He has been with us for about 2 weeks now.  He is adjusting.  His previous owners got him at 11 weeks old, when he was ready to be removed from mommy care.  I don't thin they held him much or interacted with him much.  He bit at us and barked a lot in his first week.  Bizzie has calmed down a lot, but this is how he got his name.  One day after he bit and barked at us, he started going crazy in his cage. Running, hopping, the full 10 yards.  I said goodness Mr. Bizzie Body... and said, that's it.  I'm naming him Bizzie.  He is getting use to us petting him and getting him out to play.  I think he likes us a lot more than he planned on.

    Here are the faces of the chinchillas I will be constantly talking about. 

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