Friday, November 23, 2012


     Thanks for bearing with me while I transform my new blog.  I hope you will find it fun, exciting, and discover/learn something new.  OK, here we go with my introduction....

     This is going to be a fun Journey of my pets.  To start you off, lets begin with the 2 Chinchillas.  We have 2 males (Freeney & Bizzie).  I must warn you, 75% of this blog will be about the Chinchillas.  They are babies and  I'm planning to document the journey of raising them.  Freeney was born on July 4th and Bizzie was born in April.   Chinchillas tend to live 18-22 years.  It's important for them to have a companion that will live the same/similar length of time.  They are extremely smart, remember things and routines, and have distinct personalities.  We plan to get them female companions here in the next few months.
   We also have 4 Fire Bellied Toads.  We didnt name them, but 1 isare lime green, 2 are tan, and 1 is dark brown.   The toads are fun & cute. They are super simple to take care of.  My favorite part about them, is at night and they are super happy...and "in the mood" they sing.  Yes, I said sing.  They sound like soft birds.  Not annoying at all, very soft and cheery.  Not that annoying chirp that you sometimes hear from wild birds.  It's soft and calming.  I hear them often at night, especially on a night after they ate crickets all afternoon. 
     This is a great start.  You'll know what to expect me to talk about.  Please feel free to ask questions about each pet.  I'll answer everything that I can and will do my best to help you learn what you need if you are looking into get any of these types of pets for yourself.  Don't fret... Pictures to come.  Hopefully a lot sooner, rather than later!