Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chinchilla Update... and Toads Singing

           It's been busy around our household.  Bizzie has been doing outstanding with his attitude/social behavior!  I can't believe it.  We've had family by for an hour visit or so and he allowed them to even hold and per him. 

Bizzie climbing daddy's arm

       Very impressed mommy here!  He really loves to climb our arms.  This is a show of dominance.  To let us know he is in charge.  Obviously he isn't, but we do let him climb.  I think it has helped him adjust and warm up to us a lot faster.  I'm OK with the occasionally climbing on our arms since there is no more barking and biting.  He has become one extremely happy chinchilla.  We still make sure to keep up with the gentle and happy talk.  When he does well and behaves nice we make sure to give him a treat.  Not too often, but when he really deserves it.  That way he knows we appreciate him and his understanding. 

Freeney running the wheel

       There has be one set back with our home being busy.  The chins wheels broke.  So for almost 2 weeks they have not been able to run.  They've been extremely bored.  Luckily for them, today was payday, so they got new wheels, and sticks and blocks to chew on.  I'm sure they feel that today is their birthday.  Freeney has been running constantly on his wheel.  He's been hopping and jumping in and out of it all day.  We've nicknamed him Freeney Gump with all the running he's been doing.  But we are just glad to get them active again and moving about.  It has also cut back on his begging to get out and play.  Bizzie on the other hand, still has yet to really utilize his wheel.  I'm sure you remember when we first got him that I told you the wheel they had in his cage he couldn't even fit into or actually use.  He finally got use to the wheel we gave him, but I think it is going to take a day or so for him to re-learn the "running" thing.  He has adapted to it and used it for napping today.  
Lizzie napping....

Toad swimming
        Now onto the Toads.  Haven't talked about them.  They are doing GREAT!  We fed them their crickets today.   Change their water 2-3 times a week.  The ground is changed every other month.  There are 4 Fire Bellied Toads that live in 1 tank.  We know that they are doing great because for the last 3 weeks they have been singing non-stop all night long.  We can hear them singing while the chinchillas run all over their cage at night.  We need to start closing the bedroom door more often...  Anyway, we are getting ready to move the toads into a tank that is three times the size that they have now.  I also plan to buy the last 4 Fire Bellied Toads at the pet store.  I've gotten some more plants and rocks to make it very lovely in there for them.  The more singing they do, the more mating happens.  I'm just curious to see if we can get any eggs laid in the water holes.  Here are two pics of 2 different toads.  More to come... We have 2 green, 2 brown, and 1 tan.  

Toad hiding in plant

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