Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life is GOOD!

Sorry for delaying in writing a new post.  We've been working with Bizzie on the "changing his attitude" topic that I discussed last week.  BOY OH BOY... where do I start.  He is like a completely new chin.  He doesn't bark and bite anymore, except the normal, everyday nip and chew from time to time like all chins do.  No more angry forceful bites though.  I'm so proud.  That night I posted the blog about wanting him to feel loved, wanted, and to make sure that he knew he is ours forever.  So I began working asap.  I stopped chasing him with my hands around the cage to pet him.  I did continue to talk softly though and offer my hands out to allow him to come to me.  This prompted him to come to me on his own terms.  He smelled me and nibbled on me each time I allowed him to come to me.  Over the next 2-3 days I continued this pattern.  He then started eating out of my hand, instead of just taking the piece of food or snack from me and running away with it in his hands.  By the fourth day, he allowed me to reach in and pet him.  He didn't run or move or hide!  I continue to talk in soft voices, baby voices, and happy chatter when I get close.  Now he runs to the door of the cage to greet me like Freeney does.  Bizzie even allows my boyfriend to reach in and touch him without barking and hiding anymore.  We are super excited and proud to have a happy chin now.  He is hopping all over the place, loves the treats, and enjoys running freely around the house in the ball.  He got so excited today he met me at the door and crawled up my  hands to hold him.  Its like a whole new world... Bizzie's new life is GOOD!

This being said... Freeney has gotten rotten.  He has been biting the cage and pouting.  I think he feels left out or not the favorite anymore.  But I'm trying to make sure to give him some extra attention too.  I've been working a lot and excited that I've been successful with Bizzie, but don't want to have Freeney act out due to helping Bizzie adjust. 

Sorry for not having great new pictures today.  I've not taken any recently due to my mission fixing his anti-social attitude.  Boy, am I glad it has worked! :)  Lots of new pictures to come soon. 

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