Monday, January 14, 2013

The Training and Learning Continues...

          Bizzie is just BRILLIANT!  We have no complaints here.  He is still eating from our hands, allowing us to pet him, greets us at the cage door, doesn't hop/jump out when we leave the cage doors open, and lets us love on him willingly.  Lately he has allowed us both to pick him up and carry him about. Cute pics oming soon.  Regardless how impressed we are with the improvement and willingness to adapt to us...

Checking his cage out from the "outside"

     Freeney, on the other hand... well, his need for attention still has him chewing on his cage.  So my boyfriend and I decided, maybe we should let him run about the couch like we use to allow him to before we got Bizzie.  This should remind him that he behaves so well and has a great personality, that he can roam free.  Well over the last week or two, this free roaming has spread to our legs, to the coffee table, and even a few hops to the floor.  He LOVES coming out of his cage!  He is now constantly wanting to come out and play.  He sits at his cage door and waits for it to be opened.  Freeney will stare at us, hop about, put his hand on the cage door, sometimes beg like a puppy... and when that isn't enough, he'll squeak.  Its too cute, but he is getting braver.  The last few times we've allowed him to walk out of the cage door.  He slowly walks out, looks around the room, then he is off like a mad man.  Now this is his favorite thing to do.  Tonight after dinner, we were sitting there watching Criminal Minds (the chins watch tv too) and I looked over during a commercial break... and what do you know, Freeney is there perched ready to roam.  So we let him out and about. He is getting so brave, its getting harder for us to get him back into his cage. 

Freeney sitting on his cage door

         As soon as we put him back inside his cage, he hops right back to the door.  Sometimes he refuses to remove his butt from the cage door not allowing us to close him in.  This makes us laugh a lot.  So he turns around thinking he can go right back into the living room.  We have some sassy chins on our hands!  I think it is mainly because they are restless.  The other day both of their wheels broke.  Its a good thing this is week includes payday.  I'm back to the store for new wheels. 


  1. Awwww this is so sweet!
    I can only imagine how hard must it be to put them both in the cage. Glad to see they make you laugh and run!
    Good luck with that wild boy!

  2. It is soo much fun to watch them play. They are so interactive!