Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Fun Play Time

Me holding Freeney
     We've been working on making more fun playtime for Bizzie & Freeney outside the cage.  Since we've been doing this they have become more lovable and enjoy the holding, cuddling, and of course the freedom.  We have gotten cautious, yet brave with our roaming.  A few times playing in the living room, Freeney has chosen to not leave from under the couch, mainly because he knows he must go back to the cage.  Poor fella, doesn't get to always be free. We just don't want him to get brave and make his way to the light outlet.  This idea is extremely terrifying for me.  My boyfriend and I started plotting out new places for them to play where it would be safe for them just in case they got into a place that would be harder for us to get to them.  We came up with the bedroom.  Yes, the bedroom.... We have a huge king size bed, 1 dresser (that isn't open on the bottom, covers the floor), and 1 bedside table (that also is solid along the bottom with no opening for them to get into).  The bedroom doesn't have a lot of nick-knacks, crazy things for them to get into, really the bare minimum.  So we each lie along the edge and let them roam free.  They love to hid in the pillows and play around.  We've even gotten brave and let them both roam on the bed at the same time.  This has definitely helped them get to know each other better.  So far so good.  Baby steps, but it has helped their overall happiness, personalities, and tires them out with added exercise.  We will be keeping this up!  Sorry this is a short one.  More updates soon!

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