Wednesday, February 5, 2014

One Long Journey

It's almost been a year since I posted.  I kept putting it off because I have gone back to school, searched and found mates for Freeney and Bizzie, and decided to do everything from homework, housework, actual work, playing with the chins, and anything else that you can think of instead of work on this blog.  Now I am catching you up. 

Me carrying 'Stella' around
Last year for the rest of February I continued to work with Freeney and Bizzie and have the happiest chins ever, but desperately needed some personal chin company.  It took a few weeks, but I found a chinchilla breeder in Ohio, only 5 hours away.  He and his wife have been breeding chins since 1969.  I started emailing them, asked questions, and ultimately learned a lot.  I am know knowledgeable about chins, but there are still new things I learn everyday.  And I still enjoy always hearing what many breeders do and choose to do and why.  Anyway, we made a date to come and visit the chinchilla ranch (here is their website:  He told us to bring both of our male chins that way we can put them in a cage with the females to see if they would get along and be good mates.  This is where I also found that you must never allow siblings to mate, to not mate the same recessive traits in a pelt (pelt is the chins coat/fur) to avoid deformations, and how to pair certain coats to get certain coats.  Now, getting certain pelts is a gamble, but he's been breeding every coat and color for over 45 years now.  I think he knows what he is talking about.  Anyway, this place blew my mind.  I found this beautiful mosaic to introduce to Freeney.  Imediately she crawled right into my hands.  I carried her around for an hour before placing her with Freeney.  They were inseperable, it was love at first sight.

Bizzie discovered 'Vera'
 However, Bizzie... so true to his personality, it took him 3 females before we found a homo beige that didn't mind him trying to cozy up to her.  So after another 30 minutes we decided we found their mates and must return home.  I learned a lot about feed, treats, water, hay, to pet the, how to brush them, and how to correctly come at them when you want to pick them up.  Since this trip I have actively made time to talk to breeders and pick their brains.  I have made healthier feed and treat choices for the chins and you can tell in their pelts.  The ride home was traumatizing for the female we paired with Bizzie.  They got into a fight while in separate cages that were placed right next to each other.  I had to calm her down and ended up holding her in my arms the rest of the way home.

Freeney trying to cuddle 'Stella'
 On the other hand, Freeney and the female we paired with him cuddled up to each other as close as they could with their cages between them.  We got home and set the girls cages up next to the Males cages.  After a week we had the girls named.  Stella, the mosaic paired with Freeney.  And Vera paired with Bizzie.  The second week we started putting the girls in the boys cages for a few hours each day to get more acquainted with each other.  After a week and a half of that we just tossed the girls in.  They all have been perfectly fine ever since.  Perfectly mated!  They sleep together, play together, share toys, treats, and food together.  It is extremely adorable. 

Here's to the first blog back and I plan to continue to the story about the female additions (Stella & Vera) and how the gang is doing now.  Thanks for being patient and I hope you start reading again!

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